Ashiqur Rahman

Ashiqur Rahman

I'm Ashiqur Rahman. I'm a Linux enthusiast who has always been fascinated by open-source technology. I started this blog to share my passion and knowledge with others and provide a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in Linux and open-source software.

Bash if else Statement with Examples

bash if else statement

Bash scripting is a powerful tool for automating tasks on Linux and macOS systems. One of the fundamental building blocks for making decisions within your scripts is the if-else statement. This statement allows your script to check conditions and execute…

Bash Prompts for User Input with Examples

bash prompt for input

Bash scripts are powerful tools for automating tasks and managing workflows. A key aspect of interactivity in these scripts is the ability to prompt users for input. Whether it’s gathering filenames, collecting user preferences, or validating critical data, mastering user…

Working Effectively with Bash Script Variables

bash script variables

Variables are the backbone of Bash scripting, enabling users to store, manipulate, and manage data dynamically within scripts. Whether it’s handling basic tasks or tackling complex system operations, variables are ubiquitous. In this blog post, we’ve delved into the fundamentals…