Ashiqur Rahman

Ashiqur Rahman

I'm Ashiqur Rahman. I'm a Linux enthusiast who has always been fascinated by open-source technology. I started this blog to share my passion and knowledge with others and provide a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in Linux and open-source software.

Top Neovim plugins in 2023

Top Neovim Plugins in 2023

Neovim is a popular text editor that is known for its speed, customization options, and powerful plugins. Plugins can be used to extend Neovim’s functionality and add new features, such as improved syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and file exploration. In this…

How to Set Gruvbox Colorscheme in Neovim

Set Gruvbox Colorscheme in Neovim

If you’re passionate about coding or writing in Neovim, you know that a well-crafted environment can greatly enhance your productivity and enjoyment. One crucial aspect of this is the visual appeal of your text editor, and that’s where colorschemes come…